Phones are ones most significant asset and itis very much required to protect your device at any cost for you don’t want to get it damaged by any source.  To make you relax and tension free from that though we have a suggestion for you.

If you’ re looking for a fantastic cover that will compliment your smartphone then you are at right place. From here you will get to know about the available phone cover for your very own smartphone.

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle PRO is the cover for iPhone i7 and iPhone 8 with breath-taking features, and it is available on online market store such as At the end, of the blog, you will be provided with the link, and from there you will be able to add it in your cart and shipment will be done in no time.  Now speaking about the critical features of this specific case it is full body rugged holster case, and it is provided with the inbuilt screen protection ability.  It is in black.  It can be used on iPhone 7 (2016) and iPhone8 (2017).  You can buy it in $19.87.

 It is a super case which will provide substantial protection to your device in extraordinary conditions. 

UB pro case comprises of a front protective piece having edges raised a little bit from the surface to keep your phone screen raised, and it has a. A back piece to that is constituting of shock-absorbing TPU. It has — resistance from dropping due to the presence of Polycarbonate materials in it.

The back layer of this UB case also provides scratch resistance. 

With belt clip holster of this UB case pro, you can efficiently keep it in hands with grip, also in bags and pockets of your pants.  It has such a grand design that even after putting it on your mobile you can conveniently access each port of your phone and along with providing the proper grip, you can quickly press buttons like volume up/ down key and else. 

Another good thing is it doesn’t get untidy when in unwanted situations. Like on the sandy area or beach points. Some further information about its specifications are as follow:

This case weighs about 3.04 ounces with having body dimensions as 6.5 x 3.5 x 0.8 inches.

It is very flexible, and it is shock absorbent.

Considering this well built and undeniably beautiful cover, it is one of the best covers you can get at this rate from the market. 

So, hurry up guys, don’t miss the chance of buying this beautiful case cover for your iPhone. It is very much recommended and if you are willing to buy it just now visit the link below.

I hope this article helped you in your best interest.  For more query also approach the link given above. Have a beautiful day!